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Welcome to Forneer, Inc.

FORNEER, Inc. provides customized support systems for firms that are in need of after-sales services. If you are a manufacturer or a distributor that wants enter the consumer electronics market in the U.S., we can help you by establishing an excellent customer support system. By pinpointing your needs, we can customize your support system based on the following:

Concierge Services
After-Sales Service : Repair
Technical Support
RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

By subscribing to our services, you can obtain a formidable "base camp" in the U.S. for your support/service operations. This will give you the ability to control the front-end support from overseas flawlessly.

As we provide the most efficient after-sales service, you will benefit by achieving higher customer satisfaction hence strengthening your brand within your target market. This will separate your firm from the competition.

Your firm will experience the hassle-free Front-End service solutions based on our services.